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Starting The Idealist

July 5, 2020 5:12 PM

The world is changing, the pandemic has begun to shift this world into a new direction. It's sheer presence is exposing the weaknesses of the current business landscape. When it boils down to it, most of us are seen as a number. A number that needs to make a business money, if not, you get replaced. Our freedom is being bought by large corporations with a bi-weekly paycheck that represents a mere fraction of the profit you make for that company.

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Warrior's Rest

July 5, 2020 3:12 PM

My path forward has never been this clear, my warriors rest has come to an end, training is about to begin. It's time to begin the next phase of my life, to reinvent myself yet again to become the person I need to be. Leading up to my warriors rest was a life riddled with uncertainty, so once I found comfort I never looked back. Throughout the past 4 years, I've withdrawn myself from relationships and put myself into semi-isolation so I could contemplate the next next phase of my life without interruptions and biases.Training begins today, it's time to come out of retirement and once again fight in what I believe in. ‍

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